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My name is Alexander Haffer and I live in a small town in Hesse, Germany. I have been interested in computers almost all my life and I work with them practically every day. In my school time I also started with web design, which I still enjoy today. In the case of my website (haffer.de), this led me to undertake a complete restructuring every two to four months. Not ideal for Google optimization, but that wasn't my goal anyway. I mainly use this website to implement new ideas and to keep my knowledge up to date. Every now and then I play some games. Mainly on the PC, but also on the Switch or on my phone. I don't own a Xbox or PlayStation of the current generation, because most games are available for PC. And to buy one or even two consoles to play a few exclusive titles seems a bit exaggerated to me. When selecting a game to play I am really open-minded. I simply play what I enjoy. Battlefield, Fortnite etc. haven't fascinated me so far. The past has also shown that I tend to lose interest in a game. That's partly because there are a lot of new releases every year that I'd rather play, but also because there are often repetitive tasks that are really annoying after a while ("A settlement needs your help!™"). In 2017, after twelve long years at school, I finished grammar school with the Abitur and started studying computer science in Marburg. During my studies, however, I have missed the practical work or the application of what I had learned, which is why I decided to discontinue my studies after two semesters. At that time it was unfortunately already too late to get a training place, which is why I started a voluntary social year at the "Zentrum für junge Körperbehinderte" ("centre for young physically handicapped people"). After a few days it was clear that this year would be a lot of fun, because my colleagues and also the residents welcomed me very friendly. After the social year my apprenticeship as computer science expert for system integration starts at Christmann & Pfeifer Construction GmbH & Co. KG. I already completed an internship there in 2015, which I liked a lot.

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Christmann & Pfeifer Construction GmbH & Co. KG Computer Science Expert for System Integration


Voluntary Social Year

Zentrum für junge Körperbehinderte Therapy & Building Services



Philipps-University Marburg B.Sc. Computer Science


School Internship

Christmann & Pfeifer Construction GmbH & Co. KG Marketing


Grammar School

priv. Gymnasium Schloss Wittgenstein Abitur with subjects Mathematics, Geography, Social Sciences and German


Primary School





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